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We realized the need for the Antiquities Coalition during the Egyptian Revolution of January 2011. In the weeks after the uprising, reports of cultural racketeering lit up the archaeological hotlines, as thieves plundered ancient sites, museums, storerooms, and places of worship. In the midst of the chaos, brave Egyptians linked hands to form a human chain around the Cairo Museum, risking their lives to save it from looters. This heroism, which was repeated time and again throughout the country, inspired us to act.

From around the world, a wide range of experts joined our call to action, from archaeologists, to authors, curators, Egyptologists, lawyers, and museum directors. We then partnered with other concerned organizations — including the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR), the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), and the Capitol Archaeological Institute (CAI) — to launch the International Coalition to Protect Egyptian Antiquities (ICPEA). Invited by Egypt to discuss ways to best support the government, the ICPEA and the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities developed a public-private partnership, the first of its kind. This landmark agreement focuses the power and ingenuity of academic, business, and cultural leaders to fight cultural racketeering in Egypt through public education, social entrepreneurship programs, specialized training, and other solutions-based initiatives.

But Egypt is not the only country at risk. The tragedy of cultural racketeering is being repeated from China to Iraq to Peru and everywhere in between. We created the Antiquities Coalition to host other initiatives similar to the ICPEA — expanding this model to other countries in times of crisis.

Welcome from the Chairman

We have watched with horror for the past four years as sites built by our ancestors across the Middle East, some over 6000 years old, have been needlessly looted…

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Our Team

The Antiquities Coalition unites a wide range of experts in the fight against cultural racketeering. We are business leaders, former government officials…

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Our Partners

Collaboration is a crucial tool in safeguarding our shared cultural heritage. The Antiquities Coalition has thus joined forces with a wide range of partners…

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Governance and Accountability

The Antiquities Coalition is a nongovernmental and not-for-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding cultural heritage through advocacy, research…

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The International Coalition to Protect Egyptian Antiquities (ICPEA) is an alliance of archaeological, business, and cultural organizations, which came…

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