The Public-Private Partnership is an initiative to harness the power of Western and Egyptian cultural and business leaders to protect Egyptian antiquities.

The Government of Egypt and the Coalition have agreed upon a series of short, medium, and long-term programs to strike at the core of cultural racketeering. These initiatives include:

  • Physical Site Protection- training officials at the sites and supporting programs to better protect sites where necessary.
  • Cultural Heritage Inventories- conducting the first nationwide inventory for all excavated antiquities- led by Egyptian archeologist and the Ministry of Antiquities- and made widely available through publications on the web.
  • Ancient Records Digitization- scanning ancient records to protect the content and ensure accessibility on the Internet.
  • Satellite Imagery Mapping- conducting nationwide mapping of all key archeological sites to serve as abenchmark for tracking looting and urban encroachment- and training Egyptian archaeological sites.
  • Cultural Heritage Education Campaigns- designing and implementing cultural heritage education programs around major archaeological sites.
  • Small Bbusiness Iinvectives- in partnership with Goldman Sach’s 10,000
    Women Program and the Egyptian Government, promoting the development of small businesses around tourist sites to create economic incentive for their protection.

This partnership is the first of its kind, and requires the full support and participation of all parties to succeed. Based on the results of the program, the coalition will evaluate this program as a potential model to support other governments under attack from cultural racketeering.