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The looting and trafficking of art and antiquities is a multi-billion dollar illegal industry with documented links to organized crime, armed insurgents, and terrorist networks. However, we still know little about cultural racketeering when compared to similar illicit activities like the drug trade, gun running, or even wildlife smuggling. While there are few reliable statistics, and few answers to even the most basic questions, we are learning more every day.

The Antiquities Coalition is working hard to find these answers and make this website a top resource for safeguarding our threatened cultural heritage.


Antiquities Coalition team addressing the most pressing heritage issues in media interviews in print, television, online and radio….

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Visual representations of statistics and data for some of the most pressing threats to cultural heritage: terrorism, looting, cultural cleansing and more…

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Our Voices

Antiquities Coalition publications and interview highlights covering the major issues and challenges facing cultural heritage…

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See the Antiquity Coalition’s latest news and updates on our projects and events happening around the globe…

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Media Library

Media, reports, videos, imagery and infographics provide a background in culture under threat…

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