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3 Billboards: Les 2017

If you have any problems with the local authorities to solve the murder of his daughter, when she cannot get indicted.

Director: Martin Mcdonakha Writer: Martin Mcdonakha stars: Frances McDormand, Woody Harresson, Sam Rockwell

Three billboards in front of the fading Missouri’s dark comic drama Academy Award nominated Martin Mcdonakha (in Bruges). After a couple of months passed without a guilty of killing her daughter, Mildred Hayes (winner of the Oscar Award, Francis McDormand) makes a bold move, painting the three characters, which led to the city with a message focused on the controversial William Willouby (Academy Premium proposed by Woody Harrelson, the city started a police chief. When his second team employee Dixon (winner of an Academy Award, “Sam Rockwell”), an immature mother of soldiers with a propensity for violence, gets involved, the fight between Mildred and the fading law enforcement has only increased.