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Ardour allows you to record a track, edit it, and mix it. The software is very complex and only suitable for people who have experience editing and mixing music on a professional level. The core user groups are actually audio engineers, but if you are a student, then you may get a lot out of this free music and sound editor for professionals and studentsGrab a little audio either from your computer or via input. Import the MIDI or audio from your hard drive to the Ardour database. Once you have the track loaded, you may edit with all the usual buzzwords such as transpose, snapshot, align, trim and so forth. You may then mix the music with one of the most flexible mixing architectures in the world. There are hundreds of plugins and 100+ external control surfaces. When editing, the tool remembers everything that you do, which means it has unlimited undos and redo(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });An amazing piece of softwareThere is no denying that the Ardour music editor and mixer is world class and a masterpiece of programming. It is incredibly complex in terms of both its user interface and the programming that exists beneath the surface. It is so complex that only audio engineers are able to use it, but students should be encouraged to use it to help build up their skills for later on in their career.