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When a group of the world’s brightest young scientists gather to work on a new secret project, it is no wonder that new innovative advances have been made. The small billionaire group, funded by billionaire Ahmed Amir and run by world-renowned genius Ram Goldstein, has unlimited resources to study the science of substance transfer. Ram and his team push themselves and their team beyond scientific knowledge and are surprised to discover that they have discovered the secrets of time travel.

Satisfied with this turn of events, Amir pushes a team that will send people back in time and back. This is a fascinating prospect until Ram finds that the project is actually supported by a militant extremist group in the Middle East. It started as a way to move weapons and supplies quickly without noticing, but with a new aspect of travel, it takes a much more sinister turn over time. Emir is determined to destroy Christianity before it began. Considering that the resurrection was a conspiracy based on rumors and gossip, Amir thinks that if he can go back in time, he can prove that Jesus never rose from the dead.