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Bad Piggies

Bad Piggies is a spin-off of the popular Angry Birds game. This time, pigs focus is a physics based puzzle game that plays very differently from the bad pigs who are again looking for eggs in Bad Piggies. This time they are on a desert island and have to build vehicles to cross mountains, caves and other hostile landscapes. Your task is to help the pigs assemble their improvised skills to guide them from all sides (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}). There are 60 levels in Bad Piggies, set in the same format as the Angry Birds (to complete the next level you must complete one level and try to get three letters). At the beginning of each level you will receive different materials with which you can build a vehicle. These items include drawers, wheels, umbrellas, fans, and the idea behind Bad Piggies is to build the top of a hill and then lower the vehicle to the finish. When it comes down the hill, you can manipulate the craft using the devices you have attached and guide the pigs towards the stars. Ultimately, Piggies is facing a different challenge to Angry Birds. The catapult strategy is over and instead requires Bad Piggies to think mechanically. This in turn makes the game less attractive for some. You can no longer simply start the game and catch it with your fingers. Some argue that the satisfaction gained from Bad Piggies does not justify this whole brain. The Bad Piggies are bright and colorful and follow the Angry Birds style. There are funny scenes with unfortunate pigs and the music is ridiculous. Piggies is a challenging physics-based puzzle game, though it is often a challenging one that can scare away some people.