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Côc Côc Browser

Cc Cc Browser is a free web browser for computers and mobile devices. It offers a lot of unique browser features and functionalities for all users. They also get faster downloading of online contents like videos, audio, and images.

More Than Web BrowsingCc Cc Browser is built with user-friendly tools to accommodate every user. The most noticeable thing is that it has a very plain browser interface. It compromises its plain appearance with extra features. The browser automatically checks the spelling for writing comments, email, and blog. It also recognizes Vietnamese slang where other browsers would not recognize right from the start. The English to Cc Cc Dictionary is very helpful for conversing in Vietnamese. Anyone studying Vietnamese can learn easily, ranging from students to businessmen. The currency conversion helps users find the current equivalent of Vietnamese ng to other currencies like Dollars, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan, and even Euro currency. This is handy for purchasing or transacting anything online. The browser includes the Internet Download Manager or IDM, a special drop-down tab that indicates which online files are available for downloading. Users select the file type and they will automatically receive a download link. They dont have to utilize an external software or manually find and download the files. It can get files from Phim 14, Zing and Nhaccuatui The browser also integrates with mobile devices for sending files. Users have to sync first their mobile devices to their computer. Then they simply press the download icon from the browser and press the mobile phone icon to send files from their local file library. A QR code is generated and users enter it on their mobile device. Any selected files are sent seamlessly to synced mobile devices. If users still need more web browsing features, they can consider downloading others such as Brave, Mozilla Firefox and Opera (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });User-Friendly BrowsingCc Cc Browser supports everything about Vietnamese with a spell checker, dictionary, slang identifier, and currency converter. It highlights its faster download process despite having a very simple interface and browsing features.