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Code::Blocks is a free development environment for the C++ programming language. It supports 20 different compilers, including Microsoft Visual C++, C Tiny, Digital Mars, and Borland C ++.

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The program is fully configurable thanks to the numerous plugins and options. Features such as automatic formatting of code or even creating short games in the integrated development environment (IDE) can be accessed at any time by selecting the corresponding extension.

Fast build process

Code::Blocks gets rid of makefiles, making the build process much faster. If support for parallel compilation was added, the speed with which you can bake your binaries would be tremendous.

Help is always at hand (in a PDF)

What Code::Blocks offers is typical of any IDE worth its salt: tabs, line numbering, colored syntax, code auto completion, smart indentation, and so on. If you ever get stuck, just check out the PDF manual.