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Creed II 2018

In 1985, Russian bassist Ivan Drago, Apollo Creeda, has been fascinated by the world. Trainer Rocky Balboa, son of Apollos and current champion against the wishes of Adonis Creed, challenges his son Dragos – a dangerous warrior. Under the Rocky leadership, Adonis coaches up to the end of his career – the fate of being an obsession. Now, the Creed and Balboa follow all the common heritage of the past.

Rocky Balboa Tutor The new heavyweight champion, Adonis Creed, faces Viktor Drago, sonIvan Drago.


Steven Caple Jr. Authors:

Cheo Hodari Coker (story), Ryan Coogler (characters) | Under the supervision of Rocky Balboa, Adonis Creed, the son of Viktor Drago, Ivan Drago, poured out.

Become a life activity to balance Adonis Creed. Personal work and training among the greatest difficulties are facing the challenges of his life. Formerly with his family members He faces the circle that is close to his battle. Rocky Balboa is on his side and together, Rocky and Adonis face their common heritage,they think it is fighting and it’s more important than their family. Creed II is back to the basics. Remember what the master did and remember, where you went, I can not get away from the story.