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Die Unsichtbaren 2017

The four young Jews kept the third row in the heart of Berlin, definitely “invisible”.


Writing by Claus Rfle:

Claus Rfle (scenario), Alejandra Lpez (scenario):

Max Mauff, Alice Dwyer, Ruby O. Fee | Berlin, February 1943: The Nazi regime has been named “the free of the Jews” by the capital of Reich. There were currently 7,000 Jews buried. In 1700, the survival of the horrors of war in Berlin will survive. The Invisible tells stories of four contemporary witnesses. Hanni Lvy, only 17, lost two parents. Thanks to its brilliant haired hair, it is almost unknown to prospects and strolls with her friends. At that time, Cioma Schnhaus was also lost to conceal and accelerate her life when buying a sailor,the best innovative restaurant and fake passport, dozens of other Jewish lives. And when Eugene Peace came to a bunch of pamphlet groups with government, while Ruth Arndt dreamed about dreaming about a day of American lifestyle; At night, he acts as a widow of war, and is the seat of a gourmet food in the Nazi market in the black market. …