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Don Bradman Cricket 17

Don Bradman Cricket 17 is a sports game created by Big Ant Studios. The sports game features vast improvements from the last Don Bradman Cricket game. It features enhanced cricket gameplay with career modeand customization for fans to enjoy.

Realistic And Impressive Cricket MovesDon Bradman Cricket 17 has skipped the previous years when compared to other popular sports titles. Its last game was Don Bradman Cricket 14. The missing years was worth it for the development of the sequel. This sports game features professional cricket maneuvers. Players can perform batting techniques such as the helicopter, reverse sweep, and even scoop shot. Some of the bowling techniques that anyone can pull off in this sports game are doosra spin, cross-seam, googly spin, leg-cutter, and off-cutter. The sports game implements a reflex catching system where players assigned on fielding can execute moves like slides, tap backs within the boundaries, as well as relay throw. Every cricket moves are motion captured so that everything transpires in the cricket match looks very (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });For The Cricket FansThe career mode has been expanded where players can manage an individual cricket player or a whole cricket team. Players can start as a rookie athlete from a cricket club or a seasoned professional. They can compete from domestic leagues to the highest and most prestigious cricket leagues. There is an option to add a female cricket player for the career mode. The sports game comes with customization. Players are free to alter the appearance of the cricket stadium and the team logo, as well as cricket players, teams, and even the umpires. They can distribute their custom designs to fellow players, in exchange they can also join the Don Bradman Cricket community. Thousands of community-made contents are available for download in this player-dedicated , Bowling and Fielding Like A ProDon Bradman Cricket 17 is somehow an interesting experience of the cricket scene. While mainstream game divulges into sports like basketball, football, and racing, it would not hurt to try the sport that Indian, United Kingdom, Australia, West Indies and Southern Africa have enjoyed for the last centuries. The controls are improved for everybodys ;