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Real football action on your computer can no longer be downloaded. Take a look at FIFA 15 13 so far is the perfect version of a football sim and is a strong contender for PES 2013 in the fight for the king of football. FIFA 12 has made a number of enhancements to help improve this version (function () {(‘preview-app-page-desktop’);}); First Touch Check The new first touch control system will change the way the ball is received. Control will be more skills, not something automated. In FIFA 13, the acquisition and control of the ball is influenced by factors such as the position, sensitivity and behavior of the player receiving the card. Poor ball control can cause your opponent to enter or cause the ball to change, just like when a reasonable defense was introduced in FIFA 12. Even experienced FIFA players were initially annoyed with the switches, but it seemed very satisfying. It might be the same as the first touch in FIFA 13, and I hope, as a tactical defense, it will be an opportunity to turn it off if you need time to use it for lack of opportunities and opportunities when one of my biggest problems with FIFA 12. The attacker’s AI (mind count) has been enhanced in FIFA 13, and players will now move wisely depending on their location, what’s happening in construction, and where opportunities come, some attackers will be better than others to avoid getting caught in the defense, while others may be a smart step to drill holes for the winners or full back to start the engine. Effect Engine is a technology designed to create conflict between more realistic players. This engine has been upgraded to FIFA 13 to eliminate errors. It features a new set of drawings to promote realism and better player play that can protect the ball or handle the opponent’s shoulders and hands. Common challenges also affect speed in FIFA 13, with attackers being reduced or thrown off balance when beaten in FIFA 13, being able to outnumber their opponents, and easily change direction. A new movement with a refined touch is introduced to allow you to use the inside or outside of the foot. This is fun for FIFA players who are expert players, and will bring more skills to your free-kick. With free kicks in FIFA 13, you can have three players around the ball. You can now create new formats with unpredictable punches, fake punches, and drag players from a defensive standpoint, and players can be added to the wall or ordered by one of us to reduce. You can also move the wall forward a few inches. However, if the referee sees it, you run the risk of getting a yellow, working situation and more players. FIFA 13 brings a number of adjustments to the player’s 3D face format using dimensions. Matching with a real life partner of computer signs is therefore more appropriate than 13, with an extended work environment in which you take on the role of coach, player and manager of your team. Like any online player, EA has committed not to release live data, and FIFA 13 has promised to be the perfect, true football game.