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Free Instagram Downloader helps you download Instagram pictures on any user account. If you have used Instagram before, you should be aware that the photo-sharing site makes it extremely difficult to download snaps on its in BatchesFree Instagram Downloader can download pictures in batches. In other words, you can download all the pictures of a particular user with a single click. This is an extremely convenient feature, especially if the target user has several pictures in his/her account. The app, in fact, assumes you will batch-download, checking every picture by default. The downloaded images are assigned numbers. The default string for every file name is not kept. After downloading an album or photo, Free Instagram Downloader lets you know the download location beforehand. And it does this (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Easy Set UpTo get started, you only have to install the app on your computer and then start searching for images using user names. A password isnt required to access the images. All photos that are publicly available to see can be downloaded. Private images cannot be downloaded. This may sound disappointing, but its good to see that the privacy of users are not breached upon. Once the software recognises the user name, it loads all their photos. And it manages to do this quickly enough, even when dozens of snapshots are being dealt with.