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Green Book 2018

When Tony Lip (Mortensen), Bouncer from Italian-American neighborhood in the Bronx to, hired to do Dr. Don Shirley (Ali), black piano, world-class concert tours from Manhattan to the South deep, they must rely on the Green Book to accompany them to a few plants which is then safe to Africa. Dealing with racism, danger-and unexpected humanity and humor-they had to against the difference to survive and thrive in the course for a lifetime.

The working class Italian-American became a Bouncer driver classic piano for African-Americans visit the Stadium by 1960-century South America.

Director: Peter Farrelly author: Nick Vallelonga, Brian Hayes Curry

In 1962, Vallelonga “Tony lips” Tony, a hard Bouncer, to find work with the nightclub he closed for renovations. Offer the most promising piano guide proves to be a classic Afro-American Don Shirley for a concert in deep South States. Although hardly stubborn on the work for a black man, Tony accepts the job and they started their walking armed with motorist Negro Green Book, travel guide for travel secure through separation of ethnic Americans. Together, snobbishly piano and learned about practical Bouncer can along with clashing attitudes towards life and ambitions. But as a couple different witnesses and hold America’s grotesque injustices along the way, they discovered a new respect for each andnas and talent to meet them together. In this way, they will cherish the friendship and understanding will change both their lives.