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Harry Potter och de vises sten

Orphans are enrolled in magical schools, where he learns the truth about himself, his family and the terrible evil of the magical world.


Chris Columbus Writers:

Rowling (novel), Steve Kloves (script) Star:

Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Richard Harris | Here is the story of Harry Potter, the 11-year-old boy who acts as a slave to his brother and brother, who knows he’s a magician and invites him to attend Magic and Magic School at Hogwarts.Harrywas abducted from its existence by Rubeus Hagrid, the field guard for Hogwarts, and quickly thrown into a completely foreign world for him and the perpetrators. Known for the events that occurred during his birth, Harry made friends in his new school easily. Soon he discovered that the magic world was more dangerous to him than he had imagined, and quickly learned from it that not all mages were credible people.