Katie Paul is an anthropologist and researcher who commands several roles within the anthropological and heritage worlds, currently serving as Chief of Staff for the Antiquities Coalition, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. She also applies her anthropological background to consulting and research studies for Basilinna, a Washington, DC-based firm focusing on opportunities in China and the Middle East.

Katie’s research for the Antiquities Coalition focuses on the role of media, social media, and new technologies in monitoring and recording patterns of cultural racketeering in nations in crisis. This work contributes to the International Coalition to Protect Egyptian Antiquities (ICPEA) of the AC. In her capacity at the Antiquities Coalition, Katie works closely with policy makers and diplomats in Washington, DC to address the most pressing issues facing heritage in the Middle East and North Africa today. Additionally, she serves as an affiliated Researcher at The George Washington University Capitol Archaeological Institute (CAI). In addition to her advocacy work for the CAI and ICPEA, and her research on cultural racketeering, she serves on the Cultural Heritage Policy Committee of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Having previously served as CAI Director of Programs from 2010-2014, Katie helped develop archaeologically focused programs for the CAI, including building innovative outreach to introduce young professionals to archaeology as well as organizing the CAI’s many advocacy, educational, and research initiatives.

Katie Paul holds her Bachelor’s Degree from Miami University (OH) with a double major in Anthropology and Ancient Greek and earned an M.A. in Anthropology at The George Washington University where she focused her research on cultural heritage, politics and society of the MENA region and Mediterranean. Her work as an anthropological archaeologist has taken her across the globe and on several archaeological excavations including The Megiddo Expedition (Tel Megiddo, Israel), the Tel Kabri Excavation (Tel Kabri, Israel) and the Lucayan Ecological Archaeology Project (LEAP) on San Salvador, Bahamas. She is conversational in Arabic speaking, reading and writing; socially conversational in basic Spanish speaking and reading – and can even read and recite Homeric Greek!

Katie also applies her anthropological focus in the MENA region and examination of popular media culture to serving as an official content writer for TIME Inc’s MIMIchatter website. Through her work in social media and popular culture online she has also developed comprehensive social media management plans and social media outreach projects.