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Multiple Tools for Facebook

Multiple Tools for Facebook is a browser add-on that contains many different tools that canenhance the Facebookuser’s experience. In addition to that, it even provides additional security and protection to user accounts. These tools can put users more at ease when using the social media to posersOne of the notorious issues people encounter on Facebook is having poser accounts. Since everything that we post on said social media is made public, any information and pictures that we upload are automatically prone to be stolen and used by others. Luckily, one of the tools that this extension has is able to prevent other people from grabbing and stealing your profile pictures. As it is usually whats displayed on your profile, regardless if you made your account private or not, it is easily targeted. Multiple Tools for Facebooks Profile Picture Guard feature makes sure that no one else can download and save your profile picture on their ;(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });To ensure that no one can also steal your posts, it is also now possible to change the privacy settings of all your posts in just one click. Usually, we need to manually set and choose who we only want our posts to be visible to. The extensions Privacy Changer saves us time from checking our posts one by one just to be able to change their privacy invisibleWe all have bad and busy days that we just do not have the time and energy to answer our messages right after reading them. People can be impatient and demanding for replies, thoughespecially after seeing that you have already read their messages courtesy of the seen label that appears at the bottom of the text when your open their chat. It also adds to the pressure of knowing that they can see you typing out a message, which might take forever before you can properly compose ;Multiple Tools for Facebook also has the perfect solution for you. To ease your worries, you can now block not only the delivery mark but the seen tag, as well. You can now check your messages without the other person knowing that you have already opened them. Even the typing indicator can be removed so you can take your time in creating a response to their ;A better Facebook experienceMultiple Tools for Facebook offers solutions to problems we thought we couldnt get away with. The web extension is heaven-sent, really, because it allows users to be more confident and at ease in using a social media platform that exposes a persons life too much. All it takes is a minute to download and install Multiple Tools for Facebook on your browserand youre all set.