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Network Speed Test

Depending on you location, internet speeds can vary by a great deal and its important to be aware of its speed, and to be able to confirm whether or not youre getting the speed that youve paid for by your readable and attractive interfaceThis great app provides all the rudimentary information related to network speed and latency. It has access to a large number of reliable servers, which ensures that information is available from the country of your choice. It also displays your test history allowing you see the variations between your recent tests. Useful metrics are also available, providing details of what internet activities are available to you with the available bandwidth. You are also able to look at information related to your network, for example, BSSID and SSID whilst being connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. When testing your network, some characteristics are sent to Microsoft, for improving network availability and (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });All the information in no-timeDownload and upload speeds and network latency are displayed in milliseconds. You can assess how much music or video youre able to stream. Privacy and security are assured, as your personal information will not be used for advertising or other purposes.