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Papers, Please

Papers, be an unusual game in which you play an immigration inspector. Their task is to ensure that everyone who passes through the border is organized and the immigration laws constantly change.

Input (Function () {(‘Review-App-Page-Desktop’);}); On paper, please play a citizen of the Soviet style of the republic, who was asked to work as an immigration inspector. They do not benefit and become small in criminal penalties. Since everyone is led by immigration control,you must ensure that everything is in order. It gets more and more complicated as the game progresses, so you can easily miss something that penalizes you. You must ensure that you can feed and keep your family healthy. Errors can have a negative effect. It is difficult to deal with your primary salary, so choose which member of your family to keep alive. It is difficult to be depressing. Back to solitary retreat papers, please take care of a well-designed interface and greatcontrols that you can easily get as the game progresses. Graphically it looks like a pixelated 8-bit look that fits the tired Soviet way of the game from the 80s. But Paper, Please is not a game in which graphics or sound are the main attraction. It is a game that implies you and you try to think about what kind of person you should decide if you are eligible for immigrants and take care of your family.

Are you a bad person? Papers, please, isno traditional game. But it is tempting, well designed and written. To prove that video games are not stupid and maybe ‘art’, it is so beautiful.