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Pocket Tanks

Bag Tanks is a fast and very fun game of artillery. The battle between the two tanks is to destroy or fire the enemy’s firepower, shoot in the surrounding landscape. It’s a simple strategy game, you can easily pick up and play each other in a fast and colorful game tactic. Choose from more than 100 different weapons, it’s an interesting aspect of the bag tanks. Introduction shooter to act requires only the angle and power of naciskaniaogień! Players can also get toolswith which collectors they look at the landscape, providing cover of the enemy is fire. There is a regimen of targeted exercises, which is your most important textbook. For each battle, choose your arsenal of weapons and tools from the store where you will find very big hackers like napalm and cruise (feature {} {{“Application Review Pages Desktop”};}); Think Fun for friends is a direct transition IntoPocket tanks one of those games that members enjoy mogutsadrazu razem.Potrzeba very little time to the simple,objective and complete immersion in the galvanization management style. Just fun and a good time killer for one or more players.