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Resident Evil 7

And indeed, from the confusion between the Resident Evil 5 and 6. When they tried to regain the magic of Living 4, they still did not add a badge instead of a stack. Resident Evil 7 is not a third-party shooter, many fans are angry, but at least a new franchise within the franchise.

This is the 11th part of the game, but the seventhis in line with the current story of biological weapons.

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Although it is deliberately short for some franchise genre, Resident Evil 7 returns the basic idea of ​​the first game, which is terrible survival. The game returns to its roots in someareas where the steps fall, raising the bottom, making the enemy more dangerous and leaving less reserves. You are much more vulnerable in this game.

You are not military or police officers, and you do not have training. It’s moderate to keep Joe alive. Score Does not add a huge levelthe adrenaline game, if you like, but Silent Hill 2 has taken some stylish (and scared) style tips and is a step in the right direction. In the game, most supporters of Resident Evil are expected, that is, with the content of the movie B less, but it is not necessarily bad.

There are more views, which is good,but also a little more false / real jumps, which is not so.

Atmospheric, gloomy and completely frightened

They turn out incredible scenes. They are not full or exciting, but because they are atmospheric and terrible. They are also mystery and tension, two lovers of evil living.Sound bikes, sound effects and music are dark, bad, awesome and simple.

This game is not respected and incredible by Respect Evil 4 and is similar to the first game of Resident Evil. Graphic players do not hang, as most fans are waiting. There are no obstacles to the game, it’s just a disappointment.

However,HD Resident Evil 1 player has proven that it can be re-upgradedResident Evil 7. Resident Evil simply misses the game. Although some games environments are convinced, the game becomes more interesting.


Give me a chance, especially if you hate Resident Evil 5 and 6. This episode reminds you of the first and franchise againyou will fall in love. Perhaps the multiple franchise is not

If the franchising brings the dead, it’s Resident Evil. If you see the game and want it, you must wait before you wait before you wait. The game has a lot of repetitions, but like most Resident Evil games, it loses its terrible factor as muchtimes as you have met them.