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Rockstar Games Launcher

Rockstar Games Launcher is an exclusive utility program by Rockstar Games that lets you store and easily access all of its games in one place. A desktop application that works similarly to most gaming library launchers, Rockstar Games Launcher is your go-to place for any Rockstar Games in your PC collection. Its a convenient location, so you dont have to open up folders or keep stock of several shortcut icons of the games on your ;

Infamous ForRockstar Games is an American video game publisher based in New York City. Its well-known for publishing games in the action-adventure genre, namely the Grand Theft Auto franchise and the Red Dead series. Interestingly, these games have become popular for having such graphic violence and mature themes. In turn, the company had garnered the reputation of making such mature-rated video games. Among its other famous titles are Bully: Scholarship Edition, Noire, and Max Payne. Over time, Rockstar Games had delved into the online gaming industry, releasing its own online gaming service known as Rockstar Games Social Club. With it, you can authenticate the copy of your games and play multiplayer titles such as Grand Theft Auto ;(function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });All Your Faves in One PlaceThis time, Rockstar Games has released its own game launcher, which seamlessly integrates with your Social Club account, if you have one. Not only does Rockstar Games Launcher function as a central hub for your Rockstar Games titles, but it also acts as an online game store, allowing you to download and buy games from the companys line-up. It can even launch Rockstar games available from other services, like Steam, from the launcher itself. Both digital and disc-based titles will work on the launcher. It also has a cloud save functionality and can update your games automatically. Theres a news feed section about the latest Rockstar Games news, as well. Whats more, when you install it, you can claim a free and permanent copy of the famous Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on PCavailable only for a limited ;Easy with the Launchers, GuysHaving Rockstar Games Launcher in your computer is very convenient, especially if you are a Rockstar Games fan. However, while its enticing to grab all the Rockstar Games you love or would love to try, you must take note that not all of their titles are available and supported on the launcher just yet. More so, while the free San Andreas copy is tempting, mandating the players to have the launcher installed for them to play selected titles is a bit of a turn-off, even for a dedicated ; So, if youre not itching to get this program, its probably best to watch things unfold for this launcher for a bit first.