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Rust is a title that blends many of gamings most popular genres: first-person action, survival, and construction – all played out on servers of up to 300 people in a beautiful looking game world. A delight for gamers looking for something different.

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When you start a new game of Rust, you’re dropped into a random point on the games vast island environment. Equipped with only a stone, a torch, and two tires, you will need to think rapidly if you are to survive the wild beasts, online players, and other dangers that surround you. Fortunately, your stone offers you some defense as you start to harvest raw materials (wood, stone, etc.).
Its a concept that be familiar all who know Minecraft. Once you have enough materials collected you can manufacture new objects and alter your environment, such as building a house where you can store equipment and restart when you die. But unlike the tranquility of Minecraft, Rust also has a ruthless DayZ element, as human players on your server will happily stalk you to steal your resources. Other players may become your friends and join you on your adventures, but they are equally likely to attack you, rob your house (using explosives to blow open the door), and leave you for dead.

Bold gameplay
Dont let be fooled by Rusts construction and customizations; that is where its similarities with Minecraft end. The need to find shelter, stay warm, eat, and simply survive is paramount. Plus you will need to find ways to defend yourself, creating armor and weapons to fend off attacks. This is a huge advantage for Rust, as its greater focus on conflict and survival offers more long term appeal for those who tired quickly of Minecraft.
Rust’s visuals are impressive form the moment you begin, though you will need a powerful computer to really appreciate them. But, despite their technical quality, environments quickly become repetitive. There is no variations in the islands ecology as you cross it, and the large expanses of grass and rock quickly become tiresome.

Creating new ground
Rust is still in development, but it is already setting a new standard in the genre. With a solid mix of survival, construction, and action, Rust clearly has its sights set squarely on toppling Minecraft.
Note that in this current version the number of objects you can construct is still fairly limited though this can be expected to grow quickly as Rust develops.