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Secure your navigation with SafeIPSafeIP. It is a free tool that many computer users love during security times when we all try to keep our computer activities out of the sight of malicious people. A key part of privacy on the modern web is to hide your IP address, and this tool allows you to do so with minimal IP security. Usually, every time you visit a website, your IP address is logged. Because this creates obvious security concerns, many people want to disable the connection to IP. SafeIP recognizes this and keeps your IP address, as well as games and other software, hidden from websites. It does this by providing several anonymous IP addresses nearby; You can choose from a list of simple, easy, and understandable ways to make sure your online activities are as private as possible. In addition, as the list is organized by location, you can select the anonymous IP address closest to you, which speeds up your anonymity (function () {(‘review-application-page-desktop’);}); Free at UseSafeIP is a completely free tool. It has no expiration date or problem with ads that bother you. This is the easiest way to hide your IP address.