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Saint Maud 2019

A pious nurse followed, who became the patient who rescued the depressed soul.
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Red Glass Star:
Morphid Clark, Jennifer Ele, Lily Knight | In addition to God’s grace, there was Maud, a poorly behaved young nurse who led her on the path of Christian devotion after a traumatic injury. Mod’s passionate faith, now renamed Amanda, a cancer-retired dancer in hospital, gives her the confidence to rescue her people, regardless of cost. With her cinemas, screenwriter and director, Rose Glass pulls people into this broken soul by continually setting up a real-life farmer’s diary on a very busy and eventful path. Morphid Clark (also at the David Copperfield Identity History Festival) portrays Saint Maud with fierce stoicism, which seems confusing as Maud dreams of vacation and unity with his angry patient Felix. sky). The glass slowly …