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Simple Inventory Manager

Simple Inventory Manager is a quality assurance application currently used to purchase more than 700 companies in at least 60 countries worldwide. With a centralized interface and many optimized features, users can benefit from a higher level of surveillance in a rapidly changing business environment. The free version is available, while access to all features will require unique features and professional use. One of the advantages of Simple Inventory Manager is that it is fully scalable. Because it can be increased or decreased as needed. A number of other key features include the ability to pre-schedule warehouse scenarios, access real-time inventory and products, barcode scanners, and shipment tracking to ease the logistical burden. This software is also modular, so users will only pay for the applications they need to monitor every day (function () {(‘application-page-view-desktop-view’);}); Additional Tools All data can be exported to Excel spreadsheets to provide a higher level of quality assurance and accountability. Simple Inventory Manager is also quite portable and can even be downloaded to a separate USB flash drive. Customers can print exclusive barcode stickers, and cloud servers will help ensure redundancy in the event of internal system failure.