Dr. Monica Hanna. Credit: Saving Antiquities for Everyone

The Antiquities Coalition was pleased to host the founder of the Egypt’s Heritage Task Force, Dr. Monica Hanna, the week of April 14th in Washington, DC.  Dr. Hanna was visiting the United States to highlight her work in fighting against cultural racketeering in Egypt and to receive the SAFE Beacon Award in recognition of her efforts.  Cultural Racketeering, the systematic looting of antiquities by organized crime has risen significantly in Egypt since the Revolution in January 2011. The Antiquities Coalition’s recent research has found that looting has increased between 500 to 1000 percent at major archaeological and heritage sites since 2011

Burned destroyed mummy at the Mallawi Museum,  August 2013. Credit: Egypt’s Heritage Task  Force: الحملة المجتمعية للرقابة على التراث والأثار

Dr. Hanna has raised awareness with Egyptian youth through the use of social media on the importance of protecting Egypt’s unique heritage. Through effective use of Twitter and Facebook, she has tracked archaeological sites under attack, posted photos of the destruction for all to see on her Facebook page,  and organized informal protection networks of youths to help protect sites, warehouses and museums. Dr. Hanna brings passion and determination in her fight against cultural racketeering.  And her efforts are having results.

Dr. Hanna is building a global following. She has inspired international organizations to join her campaign – and those efforts of many others in Egypt – to help in this battle.

The Antiquities Coalition is proud to be a supporter.  The historic public private partnership that it signed with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities in March will provide training, education and social entrepreneurship opportunities for Egyptians to equip them in this important campaign.  See more about Dr. Hanna and the International Coalition for the Protection of Egyptian Antiquities at our website at www.antiqutiescoaltion.org