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TunnelBearis a well-designed, easy to use VPN client that allows you to access websites and services that are blocked in specific countries.

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In its original form, TunnelBear only allowed US and UK connections, but now it works worldwide. If you are traveling and want to use a service like Pandora or Netflix, which are only available certain countries, you’ll have to use a VPN service like TunnelBear or Hotspot Shield.

Bandwidth limitations

Like Cyberghost VPN, TunnelBear offers a free version with the option to pay for more bandwidth. The free version offers 500MB but TunnelBear has a promotion where you can tweet about the program to receive 1GB of additional bandwidth for the month for free. While this is nice, if you plan to use TunnelBear for streaming audio or video, that can disappear quickly.

Access all areas

TunnelBear offers VPN connections with a beautiful interface. If you travel outside the United States but still want to enjoy all of the sites and services you’re used to, TunnelBear is a great solution.