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AirStrike 3D

AirStrike 3D is a game that allows the player to blast straight off into full-on, no-holds-barred air combat. The world is under threat from terrorists, and it is the player’s job to destroy each and every one of their strongholds. Take control of high-tech military helicopters and follow your commanders’ orders to victory!Blast Your Way Over 20 LevelsAirStrike 3D has 20 levels, swarming with over 100 different enemy units including aeroplanes, tanks, and gun towers. Even the most experienced helicopter pilot will have their work cut out for them battling through that lot! Track down and destroy the terrorist hideouts and munitions plants – but watch out for the three terrorist bosses, the biggest and baddest foes that you will face in the whole (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });A Wide Variety of Gaming ExperiencesWith five types of terrain, no two levels in AirStrike 3D offer the same playing experience: at some points you will be tasked with flying at night, at others through harsh weather. As you progress on your missions you will be granted with power ups, which expand your arsenal and give you more weapons for taking out your terrorist enemies.