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Beach Head 2017

Beach Head 2017 is a first person shooter with a range of weapons on offer. Take aim at hordes of enemy soldiers across a series of You Have What it Takes to Become a One-Man Army?In Beach Head 2017, you take control of a lone soldier who must use all the weapons at their disposal to fight off armed soldiers, tanks and even aeroplanes. To succeed in this task you will have to make full use of everything from machine guns to called-in airstrikes. The game uses a large amount of military hardware drawn from real life: examples include B58 bombers, Cobra attack helicopters and more. The game runs in real time, with each day offering a new mission, and conditions ranging from blazing sunlight to inky (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Multiple Play Modes For Added Replay ValueBeach Head 2017 has multiple play modes. In addition to the default mission-based game, you will be able to play a survival game where the object is to survive as long as possible against an endless horde of oncoming foes. This feature helps make sure that the game’s players can keep coming back for more action and higher scores.