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BS Player

It is an ideal video player for those moments when you prefer to watch movies and series on your computer, and not to work on the sofa.

All the formats and functions you can (function () {(‘Search-application-desktop pages’);});

This is an excellent media player who shows it to watch moviesor any other type of video on your computer. It supports all popular video formats (and sound, in case you’re interested), although its main interface is not actually the best video I’ve ever seen, you can easily play it with skins. In addition, if you miss any videoor audio codec, download them instantly during installation.

supports video titles, takes screenshots of the currently displayed movie, lets you create bookmarks and chapters to help you shuffle video and support the add-ons that make it much more like applications like UMPlaier.

Reliableand easy to use

I especially like how you can control the playback, whether you use a hotkeis or just a mouse: one click to move, two full-screen clicks, a mouse wheel to lift or drop This is really nice.

is a reliable and complete set of features.The only drawback, if any, is the fact that the program does not contain any documentation for the most frequently asked questions section that you need to open in your browser, except you can not use it without help, but it’s always good to have some documentation for hope if you get stuck .

at all

allowsyou can enjoy your favorite movies on a computer with a wide range of features: titles, screenshots, bookmarks, and more.