Rampage 2018 Download Full Movie Torrent

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Rampage 2018

When three different animals can be infected with dangerous pathogens, primatologi and genetics experts team to let that destroy Chicago.

Director: Brad Peyton writers: Ryan Engle (author), Carlton Cuse (author)

Athens-1 space station, which is owned by the Energyne company of the genetic manipulation scheduled, destroyed after laboratory mice mutated and winter wreaked havoc. Dr. Kerry Atkins, a member of the crew still live alone, he was ordered by CEO Claire Wyden get Bissell research contain pathogens. Atkins was able to escape the escape pod when it explodes, but the station is due to damage of mice that were destroyed during reentry, killing it. The falling pieces had left a trail of debris in the United States, including the Everglades of Florida, where eaten by crocodiles in the United States and in Wyoming, which displays the Grey Wolves of pathogens. Expert primatologi Okoye Davis, an ex-U.S. Special Forces soldiers and members of an anti-poaching unit to work in the natural park of San Diego. It was with the rare albino gorilla of the Plains called George West, Save of hunters and to communicate using sign language and hand gestures, George. In the evening, one of the uprights of Bissell’s …

The story tells of a year in the life of the servant of the middle-class family in Mexico City in early 1970.

Director: Alfonso Cuarn Writer: Alfonso Cuarn Star: Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Diego Cortina Autrey

The events of the film take place in the years 1970 and 1971, more Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. Cleo (named after a character from Agns Varda Clo Clo from 5 to 7) are raised on the contents of Sofia, a House that consists of her husband Antonio, these four young people, the capital city of Sofia, Teresa and another maid, Adela. Antonio, the doctor, leaving for a Conference in Quebec. Between the end of the Cleo to family life – is the cleaning, cooking, take the kids to and from school, serving food, put the kids to sleep and awaken them-it became clear that the marriage of Sofia and Antonio and tense. After a brief return, Antonio leaves again, he said that in Quebec for a few weeks. In the time they had gone, Cleo and Adela with her girlfriends, Fermn and Ramn, theater. At the entrance, Cleo and Fermn wanted to rent a room and not see through. movie. Fermn, while naked, showing off his skills in the martial arts using the shower curtain rod and four-poster beds. …


Mandy 2018 BRRip XviD hd Hard Time Movie Torrent Download

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Mandy 2018

The Enchanted life of a couple in a faraway forest was brutally crushed by the night hippie cult and their demon-Biker minions, who pushed a man into a spiral, a surreal rampage of vengeance.

Director: Panos Cosmatos Author: Panos Cosmatos, Aaron Stewart-Ahn

1983, Red’s Metvicack lives in a secluded cabin in the woods. His girlfriend artist Mandy spends the day reading fantasy paperbacks. One day he caught the crazy cult leader waving a bunch of demons riding a motorcycle to kidnap him. Red, armed with a crossbow and a custom ax, stops everything from returning it, leaving a bloody, ruthless pile of bodies in his wake.


Tcm: When Harry Met Sally 30Th Full Torrent

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Tcm: When Harry Met Sally 30Th

About Tal events, and Warner Bros TCM. was there Harry meets Christmas special 30 years show the choice of a cinema and represent exclusive look for pictures of Turner’s classic. Burns (Billy Crystal) and Sally meet Albright (MEG Ryan) to share a car with a trip from Chicago to New York City after u. ‘ graduates of the College. Two built their lives and works in Manhattan, they find the love and the pain of Calon–and people–continue to cross their paths, and continued to rise in recent years, the friendship … Until faced with the decision whether to enable them to develop social partnership.


Aladdin 2019 Download Free Movie Torrent

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Aladdin 2019

The live-action transfer of Disney movie 1992 is the same name.

Director: Guy Ritchie Writers: John Augustus (screenplay), Guy Richie (screenplay)

The live-action transfer of Disney movie 1992 is the same name.

The gin featuring Aladdin is an epic quest.


The Girl in the Spiders Web DVD-R 720p free movie torrent

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The Girl in the Spiders Web

They were expelled from the national Security Agency, Frans Hacker Lisbeth Salander, a loose soldier stealing bases, computer programs that can use codes for nuclear weapons in the world. Download the latest draw attention from NSA agents who perform transactions in Stockholm. More problems arise when Russian bandits take lisbeths in addition to the kidnapping of a math genius that can do the job. Now Lisbeth, and possibly have a race against time back to the boy and save the codes to remove the pest.

Young team hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist has been caught by Web spies, criminals and corrupt officials.

Director: Fede Alvarez Authors: David Lagercrantz (based on the novel), Stieg Larsson (characters deployed in several millennia) […] Young team hacker Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist has been caught by Web spies, criminals and corrupt officials.

Lisbeth Salander, cult character and name of the critically acclaimed book series Millennium, created by Stieg Larsson, back on screen Girl online, the calibration of the first international release recently. Gold World champion Claire Foy, crown of stars, playing as an advocate using a pariah led by Fede Alvarez, the head of the 2016s outbreak threatens not breathing; Adaptation of the script, by Steven Knight and Fede Alvarez by Jay Basu.


Escape Plan 2 Dual Audio English 1080p Movie Torrent

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Escape Plan 2

The continuation of the 2013 film, which includes a security expert named Ray Breslin, who uses his skills to test the reliability of maximum security shutter.

Director: Steven Miller

Author: Myles Chapman

Stars: Dave Bautista, (DE) van, Sylvester Stallone

Genres: Action


Country: China


Release: Escape plan 2 Source: DVD NTSC R1 – thanks Bud:)

Video: 1700 kbit/s-2 pass resolution: 720×304

Hours: 1h 33 meters 43s subtitles: No.

Audio: 448 kbit/s AC3 language: English encoder: These Angelov special thanks to: Die Angelov & King_dvd & HITMAN & notes: Enjoy.


El gran showman 2017 Español hd descargar completa película torrent

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El gran showman 2017

Celebrar el nacimiento del mundo del espectáculo hablar de un visionario predicado de la nada crea un espectáculo que se ha convertido en una sensación global.

Director: Michael Gracey autores: Jenny omptakash (guión), Bill condonating (guión)

Ser, sin dinero, pero ambicioso con un espíritu lleno de imaginación ideas frescas, el estadounidense Phineas Taylor Barnum siempre será recordado como el hombre con el don del borrón de la línea perfecta entre la realidad la ficción. Sedientos de innovación hambrientos de éxito, el hijo de un fabricante de ropa será capaz de abrir un Museo de cera, pero pronto cambió el enfoque en la introducción única sin precedentes de los actos extraordinarios, nunca vistos en vivo en el escenario del circo. Algunos llamarán a Barnum una gran colección de locuras, una muestra de aberraciones; Sin embargo, cuando el jugador obsesionado juega sobre la cantante de ópera Jenny Lind para apelar a una audiencia de alto énfasis, de alguna manera perderá de vista el aspecto más importante de su vida: su familia. ¿No se atreve Barnum todo ser aceptado?

El mayor Shower 2017 720 BluRay HEVC x265-rmteam tamaño de la versión: 578 MB

Resolución: 1280 536

Duración: 1h44m49s

Velocidad de fotoGramas: total biTrate: 754kbps

Códec de vídeo: HEVC

Codec audio: AAC @ 128 kbps, CBR, 2ch, 48 kHz

Fuente: 720 BluRay 264-chispas (4GB) subtítulo: N/A

Genero: Biografia




Dirigida por: Michael Gracey

Reparto: Hugh Jackman, Michelle Williams, Zac Efron

Tarifa MPAA: PG

País: Estados Unidos

Idioma original: Inglés

Celebrar el nacimiento del mundo del espectáculo, hablar de un visionario que se levantó de la nada a un espectáculo que se ha convertido en una sensación global crea


Missing Link 2019 DVDRip-AVC Movie Torrent

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Missing Link 2019

Celebrity Sir Lionel Frost considers himself the first detective in the world of myths and monsters. The problem is that none of the friends in the Lao community are interested …

See all details


Chris Butler Writer:

Star Chris Butler:

Hugh Jackman, Zoe Saldana, Emma Thompson | Celebrity Sir Lionel Frost considers himself the first detective and monster in the world. The problem is that none of the biggest friends in Lao society are aware of this. Sir Lionel’s last opportunity to gain recognition from elite adventures is to travel to the Pacific Northwest to illustrate the existence of legendary creatures. Survival of primitive human ancestors. No connection.

Bored with living lonely in the south-west PacificYou link – 8 feet tall and covered in explorer woman afraid Sir Lionel Frost takes you on a journey to find lost relatives in the legendary valley of Shangri La Along with the adventures of Adelina Fortnight, the three of them meet justice to those dangerous when they arrive in the world. In the end, they quickly learned that sometimes you can find a family where you are most expected.


Christmas Vacation 2018 DVDRip Full Movie Torrent

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Christmas Vacation 2018

This is the third series of the Lampron series in the Grisvold family. In this series, Griswolds must do business with his rights.


Auslschung 2018 English TPB Torrent Download

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Auslschung 2018

Biologists have signed a dangerous secret expedition into a mysterious space where laws of nature are established.


Alex Garland Side Authors:

Alex Garland (written on screen), Jeff VanderMeer (based on the novel) Stars:

Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson A man of a biologist disappears. He announced his name in an environmental disaster area, but he did not expect anything. The expedition team is a biologist, anthropologist, apsicologist, topographer and linguist.


Ant Man and the Wasp 2018 dvdrip.avi Movie Torrent

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Ant Man and the Wasp 2018

The Marvel Cinematographic Universe introduces a new chapter with heroes with incredible ability to shrink: Ant-Man and The; After “Captain America: Civil War”, Scott Lang (Rudd) is struggling with the consequences of his election as a Superhero, and his father. Since he is striving to rebuild his domestic life with his duties as Ant-Man, he faced Nadiya Van Dini (Lilly) and Dr Hank Pimo (Douglas) with a new urgent mission. Scott has to wear clothes again and learn to fightwith The Wasp, because the team works together to reveal the secrets of their old one.


Because Scott Lang is balanced as a superhero and his father, Wang Din Esperanza and Dr. Hank Pim is a new urgent mission, which detects that Formigueiro struggling with Osom to discover the secrets of his past.

Director: Peyton Reed

Writers: Chris McKenna, Eric Sommers

Stars: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Pea

Genres: Action | adventure | Science fiction

Country: United States

Antman and The Wasp 2018NEW 720pHDCAM x264 AC3-24HD

English language

Source: Russian

Show: yes

Notes: A new complete source of NEW Audio.

The execution time of the previous versions is 1 hour and 45 minutes

The time of this new version is 1 hour 48 minutes and 16 seconds.

or the general

: 1 hr 48 min.

File: GiB

: Matroska

Video: 3,726 kb / s


Video: AVC

Appearance :: 1

: 1168×508 pixels

Frame: (30000/1001) FPS


Audio: AC-3

: Channel 2

Sampling: kHz

: 224 kb / s

Ant-Man and Wasp (2018) English 720p TS x264900MB

Given that Scott Lang balances the father of hero Superhero, Nadezhda Van Din and Dr. Henk Pim is a new, attentive mission, which reveals that Ant is fighting with Oss to reveal the secrets of his past.


Peyton Reed Writers:

Chris McCann, Eric Sommers | After Captain of America: The Civil War (2016), Scott Lang fights with the consequences of his election as a superhero and father. Because he is struggling to rebuild his home life with his duties as Anti-Man, he facesChop Van Din and Dr. Hank Pim with a new urgent mission. Scott must wear a suit again and learn to fight with The Wasp, as the team works together to reveal the secrets of his past.


Bandstand: The Broadway Musical 2018 full download torrent

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Bandstand: The Broadway Musical 2018

Back to this request! Andy Blankenbeyler, Tony Award Winner of the Best Choreography for BANDSTAN 2017 Tony Best Hall Design Award for Hamilton 2016, for a new musical entertainment with the basics, dashing and dancing the best of today’s scene. Presented by Fathom Adventures and LollipopLouise, Bois Back: Bandstand, The Broadvai Musical Results Playwrights across the country Just November 15 and 19, the exclusive access to the doors closed to the team and members of the soldiers of the Apocalypse.Dateka USA Returning home from World War II, student of the first class Donna Novitzki,singer and songwriter, returned to life only with his tones and strengths in his heart.


Blade Runner 2049 FULL download torrent

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Blade Runner 2049

The discovery of the mysterious, long-buried new leaflet of the runners leads him to search for the old blade of Rick Deckard, who has disappeared for more than 30 years.


Denis Villeneuve Screenwriters:

Hampton Fancher (screenwriter), Michael Green (script) Thirty years after the events of the first film a newa leaf runner, an LAPD K officer (Ryan Gosling), breaks a funeral secret that can plunge the rest of a falling society. Opening Klevao in search of Rick Dekard (Harrison Ford), a former player of LAPD, who disappeared for more than 30 years.


Slender Man 2018 DVDRip Movie Torrent Download

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Slender Man 2018

In a small town in Massachusetts, a group of friends fascinated by Slim Man Internet tries to show that it does not exist until one of them mysteriously lacks.


Writer of Sylvain White:

David Birke, Victor Surge (based on a character of) stars:

Joey King, Julia Goldani Telles, Jaz Sinclair If your friend mysteriously disappears, examine a group of teenage girls or culpablelenda online urban Slenderman charactercall him a ritual. They start with supernatural phenomena that makes them believe that the story is real and that is now being talked about by Slenderman. Directed by Sylvain White. Based on the character created by Eric “Victor Surge” Knudsen.

In a small town in Massachusetts, four girls perform a ritual at the institute to deny the teachings of SLENDER MAN. When one of the girls mysteriously loses, they begin to suspect that their new victim is actuallyis.


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