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Rampage 2018

When three different animals can be infected with dangerous pathogens, primatologi and genetics experts team to let that destroy Chicago.

Director: Brad Peyton writers: Ryan Engle (author), Carlton Cuse (author)

Athens-1 space station, which is owned by the Energyne company of the genetic manipulation scheduled, destroyed after laboratory mice mutated and winter wreaked havoc. Dr. Kerry Atkins, a member of the crew still live alone, he was ordered by CEO Claire Wyden get Bissell research contain pathogens. Atkins was able to escape the escape pod when it explodes, but the station is due to damage of mice that were destroyed during reentry, killing it. The falling pieces had left a trail of debris in the United States, including the Everglades of Florida, where eaten by crocodiles in the United States and in Wyoming, which displays the Grey Wolves of pathogens. Expert primatologi Okoye Davis, an ex-U.S. Special Forces soldiers and members of an anti-poaching unit to work in the natural park of San Diego. It was with the rare albino gorilla of the Plains called George West, Save of hunters and to communicate using sign language and hand gestures, George. In the evening, one of the uprights of Bissell’s …

The story tells of a year in the life of the servant of the middle-class family in Mexico City in early 1970.

Director: Alfonso Cuarn Writer: Alfonso Cuarn Star: Yalitza Aparicio, Marina de Tavira, Diego Cortina Autrey

The events of the film take place in the years 1970 and 1971, more Colonia Roma neighborhood of Mexico City. Cleo (named after a character from Agns Varda Clo Clo from 5 to 7) are raised on the contents of Sofia, a House that consists of her husband Antonio, these four young people, the capital city of Sofia, Teresa and another maid, Adela. Antonio, the doctor, leaving for a Conference in Quebec. Between the end of the Cleo to family life – is the cleaning, cooking, take the kids to and from school, serving food, put the kids to sleep and awaken them-it became clear that the marriage of Sofia and Antonio and tense. After a brief return, Antonio leaves again, he said that in Quebec for a few weeks. In the time they had gone, Cleo and Adela with her girlfriends, Fermn and Ramn, theater. At the entrance, Cleo and Fermn wanted to rent a room and not see through. movie. Fermn, while naked, showing off his skills in the martial arts using the shower curtain rod and four-poster beds. …