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CCleaner is a Piriform program that searches and deletes unwanted files, trackers and errors on Windows computers (including Windows 10). It is a great tool that optimizes the security of your system and helps improve it. It is a great replacement for BleachBit and Smart Disk; With a few clicks CCleaner helps to restore disk space and make your computer faster and larger; CCleaner is also available for Mac and;

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Cleaning is an important function of CCleaner. Broadcast detects Windows files and unnecessary applications that you install and helps you remove them easily and efficiently.

The CCleaner Registration section is intended to confirm the integrity of the Windows Registry, a file with system configurations. CCleaner scans the registry for dozens of errors and offers the option to save a backup before repairs are made.

The CCleaner menu contains more specialized utilities, such as quick uninstall programs, software updates that help protect your computer, a list of drivers from which you can choose which applications are disabled for faster start time and restore point management.

Select your favorite interface

To clean the file, click the Scan button and let CCleaner detect the amount of waste collected. Click the Run button on another and your disk will be cleaned immediately.

The CCleaner scanner can be adjusted to find and remove exactly what you want. This process contains a check box, which sometimes takes some effort.

The Registry Cleaner works in a similar way and also shows the type of error found. This is a bit of technical information, but if something goes wrong, CCleaner offers to restore the previous backup.

Other tools are simple but offer little information. Although this minimalism is of course appreciated – especially compared to the clean interfaces of other cleaners.

It depends on your circumstances

The utility and efficiency of CCleaner depends on you; It has the power to maintain your privacy, but scanning is not the fastest.

Registry cleanup is only useful in rare cases and is a limited-use operation in newer versions of Windows.

Deletion tools are simple, but they work well, although they can sometimes display misleading information and outdated notes that can be easily deleted.

In a challenging cleanliness category, where it is difficult to find a fair and effective program, CCleaner distinguishes itself by its simplicity and efficiency. Piriform also offers CCleaner Professional and CCleaner Portable. If you are looking for other free alternatives, we recommend that you download Master Glary Utilities Cleaner for PC.