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En eaux troubles 2018

After their escape that claimed to be Pope 70-leg, Jonas Taylor has to deal with the fear of saving these submersible trapped in a sunken ship.

Director: Jon Turteltaub writers: Dean Georgaris (screenplay), Jon Hoeber (screenplay) […] Five years ago, the Navy diver and marine expert Captain Jonas Taylor was dangerous to unknown forests Mariana Trench, who was forced to give up his mission and his staff to give up the party. While a sad event has given acceptance dissatisfied, which ultimately cost him his work, the marriage of any respect was their allegations of not compatible, which caused this-an attack on a woman of the sea creature that this means 70 feet , considered extinct for millions of years. But if a submersible pump resides and is prohibited in the bottom of the ocean-to bring his ex-wife to the teams that it was is the one who can call. If you shoot a redemption or a suicide mission, then Jonas has to deal with their fears and threaten your life and all your lives you have left a question: Carcharodon megalodon-A great sailor who once existed-that might still be alive … and he is hunting?