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Facebook’s Messenger for Windows is the official Facebook instant messaging program that lets you chat with contacts from your desktop. The latest update provides integration with the features of Windows 10, including the use of live tiles for news.

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Facebook Messenger for Windows communicate with your Facebook contacts. By separating this instant messaging from the full Facebook application for Windows 10, it removes the distraction of constant updates and other notifications from your timeline when you’re just trying to chat.

The messenger interface is very clear and divided into two separate windows. The first of them is dedicated to contacts, so you can add their status and availability, you also have contacts and search from here.

All the features you expect

The other panel is for your active conversations. Here you can manage your different cats with individuals or groups. Messenger Write text, send photos, GIF, stickers, save and send voice messages and comments like that. All of this is managed by the simple, simplified interface that anyone from toddlers to grandpa can master.

The other advantage of Messenger is that it gives up notifications for cats on both your desktop and Windows 10s live tiles.

Join your prefabricated community

Facebook’s Messenger app is an instant messaging platform that is already filled with all your friends forming the prolific social network – the kind of made a must.