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Free Word to PDF Converter

We all had these moments when trying to file for something important, like a job application, just to get the format of the message is not accepted. Even widely used formats such as Word documents receive this treatment sometimes, so it is useful to have a program that can change the formats of documents with a minimum of hassle. With PDF is a basic universal standard, free Word in PDF Converter is a good choice to increase your compatibility-Plus, of course, its free and ready to download!

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Free Word in PDF Converter much does what it describes. You really can’t go wrong with a program that has a feature and sticks to it by providing it for free and offering a very small mounting footprint. The fact is that no two conversion programs are exactly the same, with some making mistakes. These are usually related to formatting, such as losing the formatting of the source files or interpreting it in a different way, so that PDF comes in search other than the Word document. This software is fortunately not susceptible to this type of problem, perhaps due to the focus on a target. Besides just converting, this application also has some extras to help with performance. For example, you can convert batch documents to Word at once, ideal if you need serious file management. You also select the destination folder for the PDF files so they are not all mixed with the source files.

Simple, powerful and easy to use

The main advantage of Free Word in PDF Converter is that it is very simple. Although it is only a small program for a task and free to use, it is very well designed for its purpose. The interface is a simple and clear, small window box with a standard color scheme of windows that will not mask your work view. Will seeFour large buttons in the program, to add files, add all files to a folder, delete all files, delete the selected files and start the conversion. This refers to the bulk conversion feature and you can easily select the files you want with choices, nice and clear. As soon as you start the conversion, you will see a progress bar. This simple program is very effective and seems to get the conversions right every time, although you are never fully aware of the PDF files. You should find that you are using the program with at least about 4 clicks, so this is a great saving time if you don’t have a PDF conversion in Word anymore.

A little obsolete, but it works

Free Word in PDF Converter is a little outdated tool because some recent versions of Microsoft Word can convert PDFs internally. However, many people use an older version or choose not to use Word at all because of the heavy charging scheme, so it is convenient to have free software like that can get the job done in a pinch. With easy interface and efficient results, this is the ideal software to solve PDF problems. Software for PDF Solutions, the creators of this product, offer other programs that can come handy when working with PDF files. On your site you will find more information about this program.