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The app can no longer be downloaded. View Copernic Desktop Search The Google Desktop app lets users find their table content quickly and easily. Praised for his intelligence and criticized for his confusion, Google Desktop uses the power of Google’s Google engine technology () () {(‘review-app-desktop-page’);}); After installing the application, you should spend time indexing the files on your computer, including emails, photos, chats, contacts, and calendar events. Google Desktop indexes the first 10,000 words of the first 100,000 documents on your computer. The application supports the majority of file types and you can specify which index or get rid of protected files by using the latest versioning options, which are compatible with Windows Vista, Google Desktop has a new transparent look. a more elegant feel on your computer. Your search results will appear in your browser (in the standard format of the Google web page), and with a small preview button you can see the results without clicking on the corresponding link. The results were exactly what we expected from Google Search, but we were a little disappointed that the app didn’t offer “OR” offers or sub-channel searches. On another note, Google Desktop is not limited to your computer because you can distribute index content from multiple machines and share a few panel elements with your desktop, not just for searching. Join the market already through the Widget Dashboard Widget and Yahoo! Widgets, Google Desktop can be installed with a few small tools. This mini application performs all kinds of functions, from email to notes or local weather recording. There are hundreds of tools to choose from to customize your desk bar. Our personal favorites are: Google Translate, Skype plug-in to check your credit and connect with your contacts, I’m determined to control who you block in IM, workspace to move quickly from one task to another, statistics system to monitoring your computer and your games, options for flash games like tetris and running, we found that Google Desktop uses around 30 MB, but it can increase rapidly if you add more devices. The app also continuously indexes your files to include your customizations and new items. However, you rarely feel that your computer is slowing down because you have to deal with Google, but you know the most important security critic. Since Google Desktop indexes all your documents, you basically open your computer and all your personal files for Mountain View. Some users are concerned that Google may one day exploit this access, or that the application error may allow malicious users to infiltrate your computer and steal Google Desktop in a malicious way, some users think Google Desktop is very efficient and easy by their application to use. The tools you can add to the sidebar may not be very important, but they are usually very funny and original and allow the sidebar to look great. Let go if you think your computer is a mess and you need quick access to Sidebar and Google GadgetChanges to improve the Sidebar and Google Gadget