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Google Gmail Gadget

Google Gmail gadget is no longer able to use Google Desktop, you are probably familiar with gadgets: you can Google Desktop at sidebar and read news headlines, view the picture as a picture, or check the weather forecasts, among others (function () {(” Review: App-page-desktop “);}); Google now has a new gadget that allows you to check the Gmail account on your desktop. Google Gmail gadget is a flawless bar on the sidebar and allows you to have all the messages in your Inbox, see Filter by brand, access to different areas in your Inbox (asterisk messages, trash, spam), and the Gmail gadget also includes the Press button, which allows you to write and send messages from your device without having to open your Web browser. If one interface was a bit bigger, it would be perfect! With a Google Gmail gadget, you can always add a Gmail account in the Visual program to find and manage your email messages without the all the Gmail Web site opens.