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Google Play Chrome Extension

Google Play is a free extension/add-on for the Google Chrome web browser. Designed to give access to the Play Store to Google Chrome users, its integrated right into the browser for easy access and convenient downloads. Featuring your favorite movies, TV, books, magazines, music and more, its a one-stop shop for all sorts of media content. With access from your computer, smartphone, tablet or TV, it provides a seamless experience so you can enjoy your content wherever you are and however you of your favouritesAs a direct competitor to Apples iTunes and App Store, Google Play is the online media store of choice for Android users, PC users and those who prefer not to be restricted by the model of phone they use. Featuring the latest movies, music, TV shows, books, magazines, apps and more, its library is extensive and inclusive. For every taste, theres something to be found on Google Play. The Chrome extension in particular adds another layer to its accessibility and allows users to access the store directly from their browser. Here, they can download any kind of media that can then be accessed across their other devices, whether thats a smartphone, tablet or (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Convenient access to your libraryFull integration is the goal of Google Play and with the Chrome extensions, it succeeds in bringing all of your content right to your browser. Its not limited to your desktop, however. Purchases made from Chrome can be accessed on your phone or tablet just as easily. Similarly, purchases made on your phone will be available for download on your desktop when you get home.