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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 9 is a new version of the extremely popular Microsoft Web browser. Based on the success of previous versions of IE with new features and a new look, Microsoft has high hopes that the first version you’ll notice in Internet Explorer 9 is a redesigned interface. Using a clear graphical style, available in both Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows Vista, IE 9 looks smarter, smarter, and easier thanever earlier. Similar to Google Chrome, the address bar and search box have been combined to create a simpler and smoother user (({(“app-desktop-page-view”)}); Among the new features included in Internet Explorer 9, it is better to integrate with the Windows operating system and is greatly enhanced by -up. IE 9 also allows you to “combine” websites with superbars and allows you to select your favorite websites as “applications” inbookmarking yourOS The new Add-In Advisor detects add-ons that slow down Internet Explorer (a feature that Mozilla Firefox really needs). Internet Explorer 9 also offers faster speed and performance, as well as better compatibility with network standards and new technologies. IE 9 has decent HTML 5 support (a new generation of multimedia sites that use this language) and now the Acid 3 test with a near-perfect 95/100 tip. New functionLike Disconnect and InPrivate filtering, Internet Explorer browsers make browsing more stable and secure than most others, the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 works faster and prettier than its predecessors – and really raises its competitors. Note: Browser wars have aroused interest again.