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KoPlayer is an Android emulator; Allows you to run Android games or apps on your PC. In addition to the Android app, it has many features that they stand, especially for Android players or content creators. Swipe with a tap to continue the map on the keyboard and mouse instructions, and the app provides settings that enable you to customize how this function is complete.

Set (work () {(‘desktop desktop app’ page);}}; There are many Android emulators everywhere, significantlydriven by the Android game needs that do not damage the battery, but KoPlayer has features that have been far removed from most of its competitors. In particular, it has a video record function that enables you to record directly from the inserted device screen. This is especially important for those who want to record their games by sharing, though they still need to edit and upload videos. Performed by Google Play you can download your own software, but it offers a private market.

Create your game for motionFor mobile phones like other Android migrants, KoPlayer has an error; not every application works perfectly, though most are complete and may take some time before the changes are made to keyboard function. But if you want to play Android games on your desktop, this simple emulator is a good choice tool.

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