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League of Legends

League of Legends is a strategy game created by Riot Games. The strategy game features 5 on 5 multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA matches. It has a colorful cast of characters and an immersive world. Players have to destroy the opposing teams structure called the Nexus while defending their own ;

From DOTA to League of LegendsLeague of Legends was conceptualized as a spiritual successor of Defense of the Ancients or DotA, a very popular mod of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Riot Games co-founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill believed that DOTAs very engaging and innovative gameplay has the potential to represent a unique genre that no one has foreseen at that time. The very first game MOD that introduced the MOBA genre was Aeon of Strife for Warcraft III. They decided to reinvent the classic game mod into a whole new standalone game. They included enhanced features as well as an around-game service for players. The even hired key DotA developers Steve “Guinsoo” Feak and Steve “Pendragon” Mescon for creating the game. Riot Games became a company in September 2006 where they focused on developing robust gaming technologies, along with providing community-driven services. Everyone in the company is free to create their own playable characters or Champions instead of having few people to conceptualize them. New champions are usually designed after a standard template and votes are required before a champion is added into the (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); });Feels Like A Cool Saturday Morning ShowLeague of Legends has very rich lore since it was launched. The game takes place in the fictional world of Runeterra. Various heroes and villains called Champions contest for the continent of Valoran. The battles were influenced by factors like politics, grudges or personal reasons. Foreign entities and aliens even partake with the ongoing strife in Runeterra. Two powerful mages eventually controlled Valoran and they dictated how the world must function. They mediated conflicts through the Institute of War or the eponymous title League of Legends. The game is more of a sporting event but it affects which nation will rule, how conflicts must be dealt with, etc. Players take the role of the Summoner or the entity that issues a command for each individual hero. Whenever a match concludes, Judgments were implemented where winning Summoners are rewarded with special privileges. As the developers felt constraint with the original game plot, they decided to reboot the story in 2014. In the reboot, the game focuses more on the Champions rather than the Summoners. The matches are separate from the game story so that the story and lore behind Champions are highlighted and further developed. Riot Games believes this is similar to old literature, movies, and even comic books. This also gives a leeway for Champions with different backgrounds to cross paths in an epic manner. There are also alternate universes where the same Champions have different versions or personas. Every champion has a backstory to tell that players can indulge with. Everything is interwoven into a large, single story. Unlike DotA where the majority of the plot and characters are very serious or dour, this game embraces whimsical and over the top characters. Champions have relationships or connections with each other, either as allies or sworn enemies. They fill every character archetype like adventurers, knights, soldiers, engineers, mad scientists, warlords, humanoid beings, undead, pirates, ninjas, monks, human-animal hybrids, Greek creatures, Egyptian deities, and Lovecraftian monsters. Everyone has specific roles like the controller, fighter, mage, marksman, slayer, specialist and tank. Champions can be mixed to different sides regardless of their faction, race, alignment or rivalry. The lore implies that all champions, whether mortals or demigods have been powered down to contain and pacify them. Some characters are even influenced by literature, movies, comic books, anime, and other pop culture references. This design choice is ideal and can be attractive for beginners and long-time Made Accessible and FunThis game still takes the core game mechanics of DOTA but adding new features. Players are still referred to as Summoners despite the lore reboot. They have to set a League of Legends account before actually playing. Beginners are directed to the game tutorial in order for them to be familiar with the game. Players are given an ample amount of starting Champions and Summoner Spells, Summoner Masteries, Runes, and in-game currencies called Blue Essence and Riot Points. Blue Essences and Riot Points are used for acquiring more content like Champions, special in-game skins, Runes, and loot boxes called Hextech Crafting and Honor rewards. They can gather more in-game currencies by playing more matches, as well as purchasing Riot Points with real-world money. Spells, Masteries, Runes are customizable features that can boost a Champion. Players can new spells, masteries, and runes by playing more matches, gaining match experience points and leveling up their account. All match statistics are recorded such as win rate, champion kills, deaths, and assists. Players can also gain higher ranking by participating in ranked ladder matches. The ELO and this Matchmaking Rating system determines every players skill Mechanics and ModesThe game begins by picking a map called Fields of Justice. Players select the Champion of their choice. The match starts with the players placed at designated corners of the map. This game utilizes basic real-time strategy game controls. The right mouse button is for movement and normal attacks. The left button with hotkeys is for targeting units and casting spells. Each map is divided into lanes, depending on if its the single-lane Howling Abyss, the dual-lane Twisted Treeline or the classic triple-lane Summoner’s Rift. Players can customize the control scheme according to their preferences. The main goal of the game is to destroy the opposing Nexus. The enemys Nexus is guarded by waves of minions, levels of turrets and extra structures called inhibitors. Its the players job to take down the minions and turrets. This can reward players with experience points and money. Destroying all inhibitors will help the players spawn larger and stronger allied minions. Players can also explore the jungle to fight neutral monsters and earn resources. Gold is collected for purchasing items and potions which can improve their combat performances. They must avoid themselves getting killed because dying forces the players to wait until they revive back in the match. Being absent during battles and clashes can cripple a team. The opposing player who defeats them will receive bonus gold that can be detrimental for the team. This encourages players to target opposing teams other than destroying the minions, turrets, and inhibitors. There are zoning advantages that players can utilize like bushes, trees, uneven terrain, the fog of war and more. The match ends if one of the Nexus is The Competition to the Next LevelThe game community upholds a code of conduct called Summoner’s Code. Anyone who breaks the code will be punished ranging from chat restriction to indefinite amount of account suspension. The LeaverBuster system monitors player behavior and anyone rage quit or leave the game are punished. Frequent quitters are placed first in low priority regarding matchmaking. They can only move out of low priority by completing 5 matches without leaving. There are also prestigious real-world competitions that players can join in this game. They can try the League Championship Series (LCS) or the World Championship Series (WCS). The championships are where the worlds top League of Legends players compete against each other. The grand champion will receive hefty amounts of monetary prizes, real-world trophies, and exclusive rewards that cannot be acquired by normal Than A Legendary GameLeague of Legends has been one of the faces of e-sports other than DOTA 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offense, Quake, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. It has proven itself as an innovator of the game genre as more MOBA games attempt to enter the e-sports scene. Players spend hours of playing not only to increase their ranks and character roster but also hone their skills for the annual prestigious championships. Events, matches, clashes, rivalries, and players have been remembered in League of Legends.