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Lootcase 2019

Nandan Kumar, a middle class, family man finds a suitcase with 10 Crores in a lonely desolate market – on the way back from his night shift. However, he hides it from his morally upright wife Lata and his little son Ayush, whom he dearly loves and wouldnt trade for anything. Nandan works as a supervisor in a printing press. He pays rent, takes the train and sometimes, bites his tongue and even works the night shift. He now believes the suitcase is the divine answer to all his lower middle-class problems. He starts talking to the suitcase – as if it were his long-lost pal. In the meanwhile, the suitcases dark past catches up with him. With absolutely no special skills or talent, the common man has to make a choice: does he fight or does he take flight for survival?