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Mobizen for PC is the desktop version of this remote device for Android devices and has more advanced features than the web version.

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As big Android phone manufacturers insist, it doesn’t do well with phones and Windows. Yes, you can access files and photos via USB, but it is
This is where applications like Mobizen, a system similar to AirDroid, enter. With Mobizen you can use your Android on Windows as if it is right in front of you with your mouse.
Of course, you can also access music, photos and videos from your phone, all in a wireless way.
It has an interesting feature that allows you to record your phone screen remotely. It is ideal to create videos or record tutorials while playing, but your phone should be strong enough to get good quality video.

Relatively easy to use
Mobizen is a little trickier than AirDroid, but by no means. You must first create an account and then select a PIN to improve security.
Now you are sometimes asked to install an extra tool kit, without any further explanation of why and why, or refuse to connect for no apparent reason.
Either way, remote control works reasonably well and without much delay. You can really use your phone from Windows or even talk without problems.
The Mobizen interface is a floating window that looks like a phone. You can move it anywhere, but unfortunately you cannot resize it.

Android and Windows are getting closer and closer
Thanks to Mobizen, the line between the phone and Windows is slightly thinner. At present, it has no additional features with AirDroid, but the screen view from afar works very well.