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SopCast is an application that allows you to watch TV channels online and also broadcast your own. It uses peer-to-peer (P2P) technology so it does not require huge bandwidth or servers.

The beauty of flowing through P2P is that anyone can publish anything they want, making it central to democracy. The two programs mentioned above are good examples of the technology used, although SopCast (called the “SoP” acronym for “P2P Mobilization”) is even better because it allows the flow of its own channels.

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There are no obvious interface changes in the latest version of SopCast, so it’s very easy to use. Installation allows you to configure the search bar, which you can select by clicking the checkbox. When using SopCast, you can log in anonymously or if you plan to set up your own channel to create your account using the link below. When you sign up for SopCast, click directly on the channel tabs to see listings of your channels. The first thing to discover is the number of stations you can select. Here’s everything from hiding Chinese channels to major issues like the Discoveri Channel (though again, you’ll find much of its name or Chinese). Some SopCast programs are programmable, such as Nevs and Games, but these types can be unreliable and can be ruled out.

TV screen

The SopCast Center window will appear next to the player, but you can expand it to the full screen or export to the Windows Media Plaier using the control panel display control. This separates SopCast from other P2P TV programs. If you want to use another media player (such as a VLC player), you can do so by clicking the Options button at the bottom of the main converter.

Give your plans

While SopCast’s main attraction is the many reasons that its channels sound like a mess, it’s because you can stream your own channel. Once your program is uploaded, modified and sent to your computer,all you have to do is distribute it through SopCast and choose a server address to connect to and view.

Quality depends on other users

The quality of ads on SopCast will largely depend on the number of connected people (more users, the video will be distributed faster). You can even create your own channel and specify what users can see by creating a network group, thus allowing you to start your own TV channel on SopCast.


SopCast may seem daunting to beginners, but despite its dominance in Chinese ways, it offers the entire television world. What’s more, it gives you the ability to start your own channel.

Fix a bug in MiSop that will cause the client to crash.

Bug fix where channels do not have images on several PCSome bug fixes on MiSop causing system crashes.

Fix bug where stations didn’t have pictures on other older computers