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Movavi Video Editor

Do you want to edit videos and create your own, but you don’t know how to do this? Movavi Video Editor is designed to make it simple and edit your videos.

The Movavi Video Editor interface offers a large preview screen and there are also various editing tools. You can import video files that you want to use in your project and then drag them to a timeline (function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); Here you can also sort your videos as audio: import each audio file and add it to the timeline and Movavi Video Editor plays them along with the video by clicking on an element of your Movavi Video Editor project sounds you set properties. For example, you can turn off the audio track of a video so that you can add it yourself.

You can add bleaching inputs and outputs to audio tracks in the same way. Movavi Video Editor also contains many effects that you can add to your video, as well as transitions: different ways of moving from one scene to all are very easy to add and play in Export lets you choose the format, export to a specific device or record on a CD or; The export time of Movavi Video Editor depends on the duration of your project, but it is respectfully fast and Video Editor is really perfect for easy editing, but it’s really simple and doesn’t offer deeper and more professional editing options.

Free video editing software and Movie Maker for editing videos and movies.

If you have discovered the video editing error but cannot find the correct application for beginners, try VideoPad Video Editor.

(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); This is probably the best video editing tool to take your first steps in the world of multimedia video editing. It’s simple, easy to use, and although more advanced users will certainly find it too basic, it’s perfect for anyone who starts playing with video. Video Editor offers a complete interface that is very similar to professional editors, with important elements such as dual screen Built-in, one to view the selected clips, the other to view the entire series and a timeline for the video and audio tracks. The program also contains some video effects (mainly with regard to fragments of light, color and text) and also transitions, although unfortunately only three of them. You can also add still images to your composition, a blank screen or an image.

When you have finished your project, click the “Make Movie” button in the interface and you can export it to different formats. The good thing about VideoPad Video Editor is that it contains many export presets, depending on the platform that produces the video: PC, Mac, portable device, mobile phone, etc.

Don’t worry if you lose it at any time: VideoPad Video Editor includes a help section that allows you to find an answer to the entire video version. Video editor can be fairly simple at first glance, but it is an excellent option for video editing; NCH ​​Software offers many other programs, on its website you will find more information about its products.