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Neighbours From Hell

We’ve all encountered the neighbors from hell at one time or another, drenching their plants as you try to dry line your laundry, or decide to do some serious DIY Home-up early on Saturday morning. That seems bad, but believe me, that’s nothing compared to the antics they’re waiting for, and your neighbors, in this game.

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To make life miserable for your neighbor
Head technical, but qualitative, neighbors from hell, points for nature and friendly adventure in which your mission is to make life miserable for your neighbor, pulling pranks you just imagine.

To find a winning combination

The joke your neighbor, is due to a lot of different items used in a particular place or in combination with another to really ensure a good neighbor.

Drawings drawings of Hollywood style

The game features excellent graphics, and funny, cartoon-style characters accompanied by quirky music elements and sound effects.

Game Enhancements

If you want to laugh your neighbors costs without harming anyone, neighbors from hell is your best choice.