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Have you ever heard a song you like on the radio, on TV or at a party, but don’t you know the name? Install Shazam on your computer, and you can find it: Call it while listening to the melody you like, just hold the microphone on your computer and speak with the icon”Tag Now”. Soon, the details of the song will appear in the Shazam interface, including the name of the song, artist, and album.

() function () ((review-application-page-desktop);)); Shazam provides the ability to play Spotify, Rdio and Play Store songs from where you can listen to songs and buy songs. You can view the historyall the songs you are looking for using the My Tag feature.

Shazam now has Spotify integration, so you can listen to full songs in the Shazam playlist. If you activate your Spotify account, it will automatically receive a list of “My Shazam tracks” tracks on Spotify, so you will have an easyusing the Shazam track record.

It also contains more detailed information by rendering the song, like similar text and video.

easylistening But how does Shazam know a lot about all this music? Well, Shazam “hears” the tracking of your microphone on a computer and uses your mobile Internet compare the sound received from the one recorded in a large database of online music. If you find a match, Shazam will immediately provide you with information and prompt you to email it to friends if you wish. Although Shazam cannot recognize every song in the world,he can get most of the tests.

The Shazame interface is very easy to use and takes only a few seconds to find a song.

A great way to expand your Shazam music library is to provide a solution to the dilemmas of this century that you are trying to guess (and remember!) The song,which you hear at the party. An easy-to-use interface makes it a must-have for music;

What’s New in Shazam The latest updates have made several improvements to the design of the News Application, designed to make it easier to see more.artists that you used Shazamed, such as new songs and exclusive videos. This news update also allows you to see what your friends are and find out what they represent;